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Lucrative AsiaPoker at 188Bet India

Ever heard of AsiaPoker at 188Bet India? If you have then you probably know what’s in store.

AsiaPoker games will offer some of the best modern and innovative virtual casino tables you could possibly find.

There’s a reason why 188Bet India is considered one of the best in Asia.

It deliberately uses the online medium in a way most convenient for bettors.

It gives them the option to play Asia Poker Online on their mobile devices and PCs.

Poker has long been one of the favorite games of bettors in Asia and around the world.

It’s practically a staple in places in India lime Diwali. Texas Hold’em, Three Card Poker and more are available for play.

Lucrative AsiaPoker at 188Bet India

Lucrative AsiaPoker at 188Bet India

How to Play Asia Poker at 188Bet India

After reading that brief intro, you’re probably gonna want to learn more about Asia Poker Online.

So here’s a little something you should know about the process. Don’t worry, the process is relatively easy.

For the first Round of Poker also known as Pre-Flop, players will have to receive 2 cards from the dealer.

They will also need 5 community cards. Here they must use moves such as Fold, All-In, Call and Raise. Fold means to stop the game until the new game starts. Check is to move the bets at the beginning if the previous player didn’t try Call. Call is meant to reproduce the same betting amount done by others who Raise. Raise is to increase the bet amount.

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In the second round of Asia Poker also known as Flop, the Dealer will retrieve the cards.

The same process as Round 1 again will occur.

In Round 3, also known as Turn, the Dealer draws another card. You’ll repeat the Round 1 action again.

In Round 4, also known as River, the same process repeats.

In the Final Round, also known as Showdown, you display your cards with the fifth card. The player with the highest betting combinations will win.

How to Play Asia Poker at 188Bet India

How to Play Asia Poker at 188Bet India

In terms of card values, the ranking for Poker hands from lowest to highest are seen as follows:

2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8,9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Ace cards can have a value of 1 depending on player choice.

Betting begins clockwise.

For more info, follow our Tips page.

Combination Reference Guide for Asia Poker Online

One of the key ways to win AsiaPoker games usually involves the resulting card combinations.

Familiarizing yourself with the Asia Poker Online combinations will ensure a faster win.

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Pair – Two cards with the same value or rank.

Two Pair – A combination between two different pairs.

Three of a Kind – A combination that contains three individual cards of the same value.

Four of a Kind – A combination of four individual cards with the same value.

High Card – In case no combination results, the highest individual card will represent your hand’s highest card.

Combination Reference Guide for Asia Poker Online

Combination Reference Guide for Asia Poker Online

Full House – A combination between a Pair of any suit and Three of a Kind.

Flush – A combination of five cards that belong in the same suit.

Straight – Same sequence as a Straight Flush but not within the same suit.

Straight Flush – A combination where all cards of the same suit are arranged in a sequence.

Royal Flush – The highest possible combination with the same suit cards. K, Q, J, 10 and Ace.

Try to remember these combinations before you try Asia Poker. Register now using Official Affiliate Links.

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Once you join 188Bet you can access an impressive array of Poker selections.

Texas Hold’em and Three Card Poker are only the beginning. Poker is but one of the many amazing categories here.

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